Live painting at 111 Minna SF

So… I’ve taken the plunge and have decided to get a blog together (pause for applause). This will be an on going experiment. I want to use this blog dealie to show the behind the scenes of my art in various stages as well as to speak my mind and post random things as I see fit. I AM the boss after all. So, lets get it started with the first post.

Here we have a video of me doing a live painting on Feb 22nd 2008 at the 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco. It was an experimental painting which I did based on a recent ink illustration of a monkey skull. The end results were interesting to say the least but the process was a pleasure. Welcome… and enjoy.


5 Responses to “Live painting at 111 Minna SF”

  1. denomanon Says:

    ridiculously sweet! im a huge fan of your works! keep it up!

  2. Ha! I think you used the same layout template as me. I just love being in good company. Welcome to WordPress dude.

  3. ausgetzeichnet. RAD TASTIC DUDE..
    nice blog btw. damn i was just in san fran. or passed through it. one of these days i’ll catcha live art sesh. k man
    enjoy your new baby blog

  4. Cool video.

    It was nice meeting you and seeing you working at the March 111 Minna event. The skulls you did were awesome.

    Hope to see you at the April event next month.

  5. n alexander ligon Says:

    nice werks

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