Toys R N8


My toy is official. My chimp character has been birthed as a little pile of plastic and vinyl. I will be in San Diego at Comic Con this weekend to release the little bastard and sign ’em, greet peeps and accept free beer. I will be at booth #4737 (if anyone in blog land actually cares). This little bastard also comes with a mini comic that you will not see anywhere else. For those in Minnesota or those too lazy to go I will post again when I have on-line sites to purchase it from. I will also be doing limited signed/arted toys off of my site soon. Until then, enjoy some free lookie…

7 Responses to “Toys R N8”

  1. Sweet! Looking forward to seeing them available online.

  2. When you gonna be at the sketch tuesday at 111 mina, or where can i catch you next to sign mine…. i bought it early this morning from upper play ground… i want the other color schemes 2…


  3. dude lovin the chimp!
    and your work!
    i artworked your box! nice graphics
    to work with.
    ur friend

  4. Awesome. Like the Abominable Snowman, I will get one and love him and hug him and squeeze him and I will call him “George”.

  5. Oh man, You don’t know how much I’d love to get a monotone version of payday! Moneys been extra tight though.. Congrats on the release man, This is the hottest toy out there right now!

  6. Get’em while there hot! Looking forward to doing so. Emphasizing the grip on the sack of cash, SOLD!!

  7. hmmm…guess I will be awaiting the orange and blue hoody releases…

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