We put our stink all over Boston last weekend. This was the second of three spots on the Sparks Ignite What’s Next Tour. Sam Flores and Alex Pardee were my pARTners in crime. In seemingly typical fashion we came, we saw, we drank, we head-butted, we arted… we enjoyed. Here is a video of the adventure along with some photographic proof… Phoenix is next… 10/04/08… get ready…

The tightest crew in town… L to R: Sam, Short Alex, N8, Tall Alex, Mickey



 Breaking in the hotel after dinner… 



Making it rain beer…



 Sam and I love our sponsor…



Boston’s finest…



The kids and our canvas…



Apparently Sam has nightmares of Alex and I. A dinky shot of the end result…


One Response to “BOSTON!”

  1. You lucky douche! Looks like you had an awesome, if not somewhat homo-eroticically great time! Looking forward to seeing the next vid, as my hometown’s is Phoenix. Tear it up you badass!


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