So, we finished up the Sparks Ignite What’s Next Tour out in the desert that is Phoenix. It was the first weekend in October and we were all well beaten up from the previous cities so we tried to take it easy on ourselves… which is never the case.

Here is the video proof followed by some pics. Enjoy…

Alex Pardee and I showed up a day early so that we could hang out with our buds at Todd McFarlane productions and so I could get them black-out happy later that night

The following night I decided to take a cross for a walk. This moment of comedy almost got me killed by recovering drug addicts. I give you… The Passion of Nate…

The next day we actually had to work. Here we are making pretty…

Shhh! I’m thinking…

The end result of our labors. Left to right is Sam Flores, me, and Alex Pardee…

Ship it!

It got pretty for about an hour that night…

Goodnight, Phoenix…

The five-man wrecking team…


2 Responses to “PHOENIX!”

  1. iam from brasil….cool

  2. Nice!

    (In that last photo…..there is someone on this planet that is the same height that you are?!)

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