Roland Sands/Toyota mural

I am way behind on this blogging thing but figured I’d try my best to catch things up to speed.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to go down to Long Beach with a select handful of other artists and paint murals for a motorcycle/truck show that Toyota was putting on. The idea was to do murals involving the bikes that Roland Sands and his crafty team have created. The murals were also done in association with my friends at Upper Playground. The bike I got to work off of is called “The Glory Stomper”. It’s actually the bike that re recently won the tv show “Biker Build-Off” with. The idea was a chimp in the shop building the bike and this is how it went down…

Here are the tour dates. Don’t be too lazy to go if this comes to your city…

The sketch portion of the show.

Let the real piece begin.

Spray paint is a head mess if you don’t wear gear.

This wall is actually ten feet high. I’m THAT tall.

The sketches the chimp does of the bike. It’s fun to draw like ass.

We painted in a hangar. This was our back yard view.

My buddy Sam Flores making his wall all rainbowish and pretty.

My buddy Saber killing his wall as usual.

By the end of it I had no choice but to stab Roland Sands. Sorry.

Estevan Oriol taking pics and making my mural look better thanks to a model and a bike.

The end result doesn’t suck.


3 Responses to “Roland Sands/Toyota mural”

  1. congatulations

  2. I laughed out loud at “by: munkee”.

    Love the murals.

  3. damm! its freaking cool man!!!

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