London Solo Show

It’s been about a week since I returned from my solo show in London which was hosted by Upper Playground. It was a huge success and I feel like I am just finally catching up. One of those things I’ve been meaning to do is post pics and whatnot from my adventures in the UK. I’ll cut this intro short and let the pics tell the story…

The Queen announced my show…


My co-pilot…


Look at all of that leg room!!! Home for the next 10 hours.


They did not ask me what I thought when they designed the bathroom on the airplane.


The star canopies were lit up at night all pretty like.


My walk to the gallery.


Some park stuff on the way to “work”.


Entrance to the promenade where I spent all of my time.


The entrance to the courtyard my gallery show was in.


Right outside the gallery in this awesome courtyard.


The front door to the gallery.


The door covered up prior to the opening. Shhh! It’s a secret!


Mural messiness in the sketch stage.


More messiness about to be made into prettiness.


Caught working on the mural.


Dead chimps have feelings too


The monster piece. 3 feet by 6 feet.


My favorite piece in the mural.


First grouping of illos.


Second grouping of illos.


Blue. Skull. Shat glare.


Third grouping of illos.


The Queen in all her glory.


When out of town it is important to find a new bar to call home. This was mine.


My man OM who took care of me the entire time. I ruined his liver in return.


Let there be drinks.


The crew that made me feel at home. Miss you guys.


When out drinking… draw in the bar bathrooms.


Something dead on something white.



Breakfast of champions.


I think there are a lot of deaf people in London because a number of the tv channels had signers.


My girlfriend in London. She smiled at me everyday on my way to and from the gallery. I said I’d call her and I never did…


One of the Xmas displays. Santa drinks, too.


Santa’s lost. He’s used to delivering gifts in the States.


Bottled inspiration at the gallery.


Some of the fuel for the opening.


Opening night. Some of the show goers.


Some of the crowd throughout the night of the show.


People and pieces.


Part of my mess and some show goers.


The show was a success. Have a bottle of champagne. Don’t mind if I do.


Spark it up.


Pop and pound. I swear this was all one bottle.


My last day in London I did a mural in the Upper Playground shop.


Goodnight London. It was a fun week.


2 Responses to “London Solo Show”

  1. that all looks sick… I want an f-ing bloody mary right now

  2. Looks like ya had a good time man! I’m loving the mural, Congrats on the great show! Glad you’re doing well Nate!


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