Hey guys,

 If you live in Cleveland chances are you have nothing to do. Well, I have a solution! This weekend my buddy, Roland Sands, is going to be showcasing his custom motorcycles along with all of the other top industry cats at the 28th Annual Cycle World International Motorcycle Show. As you may remember I did some mural work with Roland Sands and other top artists a number of months ago. Well, those murals are on display at these bike shows and this is one of them. So, go to the show and ask Roland about the night I slept in his back yard. OH, and here’s my mural and the man’s bike on the cover of a little mag… just for this event…


For a trip down memory lane, here I am hanging out with Roland back at his place. I’m sporting his latest signature helmet as best I can…



3 Responses to “HELLO, CLEVELAND!!!”

  1. Attended the CYCLE WORLD Inrnational motorcycle show in Cleveland…and i’ve got to comment…the Architects of Inspiration was probably one of the best things to view there….nice work…and thanks for letting us get a pict. on one of the awsome, Sands bikes. The art display was really neat…i almost felt transported to another place altogether seperate from the noise, hussle and bussle of the motorcycle show…it was a nice break….would’ve liked to seen the Architects of Inspiration front smack in the middle of the show…showcased more….but was nice to catch that artsy display…thanks…Therese

  2. nate!!
    you’ve come a long way since our intern days at top cow. glad i found you man.
    great work as always!

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