It’s been a good while since I have posted here. Gotta’ get better at that. In any event, I feel like I finally have something worth posting.

I was asked by my buddies at Massive Black to do a tutorial video of me doing what I do best (other than drinking). I chose to draw my good friend and 2D art director of MB, Coro. I spent the day being filmed drawing his mug and then we later got together and did some commentary over it. There’s a lot of educational technique we discuss as well as it being two good friends just shooting the shit. The full length video is over an hour long and is available for $20 as a download and is well worth it. There is also a video trailer up here on YouTube. I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think.

Description on

“Since Nate Van Dyke dreams of Coro’s face every night it came as no surprise when he chose him to be the subject of his inking demonstration with Massive Black. It was also no surprise that he asked Coro to be a co-host since they used to work together in the same office at Shaba Games. This video features two veteran artists and friends discussing a variety of topics ranging from drawing materials, men’s lips, and the amount of control that an artist has over the final piece. Also included are many jokes, gratuituous use of the word “dude”, and bonus drawing footage without voiceover. If you’re easily offended you might want to stay away, everyone else please enjoy.”






4 Responses to “WATCH ME DRAW!!!”

  1. Right on!
    Perfect way to see how you build your drawings. Interesting to see the types of inks and brushes you use.

  2. SonOfWitz Says:

    Great Drawing session. I’m DYING to know what that split dip brush pen you had was. I’ve been looking for something like that for years. I use regular brushes and ink, and getting a brush to do that quasi-drybrush multiline stroke is hard to do for any length of time. On the Youtub comments, folks say you’ve got a Pentel Brush Pen, but I’m not so sure. I’m guessing you had to modify it, but what was your starting point.
    Please with sugar on top.

  3. Cliff Persaud Says:

    I’d love to know about that brush was as well. I love the way it really adds a nice organic touch to the illustration.

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