Time-Lapse Drawing…



9 Responses to “Time-Lapse Drawing…”

  1. That is some quality primate right there.
    Whatever pen you use to make those thin & thick lines looks like a ton of fun.

  2. I’d buy a print of this piece. Is that in the works?

  3. What kind of pens do you use?

  4. I guess it’s already been asked, but I’d love to know what tools you’re using! I’ve never had the opportunity to take an art class in school or out and I go through a lot of frustration at the art store trying to figure out what I need to buy to get the look I’m trying to achieve.

  5. n8, love the post, been following your work for a long time… really enjoy watching the process

    those pens are the shit!

  6. Sweet vid, what are these jams?

  7. Brennan Burch Says:

    Never would have thought to use an old fucked up brush to get those tiny strokes to look so uniform.

  8. Tallest Midget Eva Says:

    aaawwwesome! keep up the great work as always

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