Coloring Book Time!

I just came across this piece I had done years ago and got a laugh out of it so I figured it was worth posting. Years ago while vacationing in Kauai with my girlfriend Debsue, I picked up this coloring book of native kids doing various activities. I thought it would be great to take some of the images from the book and alter them in some way and then color them up. I did this one as a test. I still like the idea and may have to revisit it sometime.


4 Responses to “Coloring Book Time!”

  1. YES!! Brilliant….I want more…great job.


  2. thats cool if not a little gruesome. lol

  3. I really like the idea of refurbishing old drawings or inkings. The other thing I like with such pieces is, that you get the detail only with the “second” look.
    If you only do a quick look it’s just “cute”. nice work

  4. HA! That’s awesome!

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