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Earlier in February I had the opening for my two-man art show at Double Punch in SF. The artwork is now online and what hasn’t sold is up for purchase.




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I got an email the other day from a woman who works at Wikipedia. She asked me for a sample of a storyboard because the example they had… sucked. I dug through some of the storyboards I have done over the years and came across these ones I really enjoyed doing for Taco Bell tv commercials a few years ago with Cog1. The idea was to have the TB scientists running tests on college students. Nobody ever really gets to see storyboards so I thought that this would make for a fun post. I’m giving you guys a screen shot of the Wiki posting, a larger shot of the boards they are displaying as well as a couple other storyboards from that series of work.


Inglourious Basterds

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Remember that feel good  movie that came out last year about beating the living shit out of Nazi’s? Well, as it turns out I was asked to do a movie poster to help promote it unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to pump it out into publications for the masses to see. I’m told Quentin Tarantino really liked my piece. Yay, me!

In any event, the poster I produced as well as a handful of posters that other artists also cranked out for the film are being dusted off and displayed in a show at Upper Playground in Los Angeles this Friday the 18th, from 6-9pm. They printed out 6 of each poster, got QT to sign it and hopefully someone like you will buy it. What’s good about you buying it? Well, all of the money made from sales goes to help the people of Haiti with their not so little problem.

See all of the posters and more info right here!

Hungry for heart

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From Upper Playground:

“In the latest Walrus TV Feature, San Francisco’s Chef Chris Cosentino takes N8 Van Dyke on a culinary trip through the circulatory system of a cow. Chef Cosentino is a renowned offal chef, which is essentially the practice of using the whole animal when cooking – in this segment he takes the artist N8 Van Dyke into his kitchen to teach him how to make beef heart tartar and goes over the various other culinary uses of a beef heart.

Watch the entire feature only on WalrusTV.

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