I got an email recently from a guy who has been following my work back when the first version of my website went up about 8 years ago. In any event, he mentioned how much he loved seeing some of my sketches. Being an artist, myself, who loves to look behind the curtain as well I figured I’d show some examples of my process. Often times the sketches aren’t really meant to to be shown to anyone but as a quick crackle of a thought for me to check the direction I’m going in. It works fine when doing my own stuff because I already know what I see in my head but when I do work for clients they usually need a pretty good hint of the direction I’m headed.

That being said, here are some sketches and the final pieces they lead up to as well as just some other random fun ones. This post is for you, Nick Beatrice. Enjoy.

Click on the images to view larger.


2 Responses to “Sketches”

  1. Nick Beatrice Says:

    YOU SIR, ARE THE MAN!!! totally worth the wait! youll have to excuse me but i think im about to explode with excitement. hahaha. these absolutely ROCK by the way! exactly what i was dreaming of. i didnt think it was possible, but you just went up 1000 notches in my book dude! thanks for the reply, and for sharing these beauties… pure inspiration.

  2. Mike Lawrence Says:

    Nice dude! I always love seeing the sketches behind the artwork. It’s amazing how similar your artworks are to your sketches.

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