N8 Van Dyke VS BERLIN April 16th

I’d like to announce a group show that I will be apart of in Berlin, Germany. I’m excited about this show because it will be my first time showing there as well as the fact that I am the sole artist in this group show who is repping USA. Unfortunately, I won’t be in attendance drinking beer and making it look like Oktoberfest. Simply a sampling of my work will be there. My piece is pen/ink/spraypaint/acrylic on paper and is titled “I’ll Smile When It’s All Over”. All of the pieces in this show are portrait size at 19.7″x27.5″ so it should make for a great presentation.

Below is all of the show info, a crap shot of my piece in the show and how I would have looked had I been in attendance. Click on them if you want to view them larger.


2 Responses to “N8 Van Dyke VS BERLIN April 16th”

  1. Hi N8,

    funny to see you in that Dirndl (so the dress is called you wear on the pictures with the beer). To be honest … these dresses orginally come from Bavaria (where I live). Hope the best for your show. Enjoy Germany and the culture here!



  2. Noel Janus Says:

    Nice Rack!

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