Now THIS is a tattoo

I just got this in an e-mail the other day from this guy, Brian, whom I had spoken to years ago about him getting one of my pieces tattooed. I guess I didn’t really think it would happen because of the commitment involved in it. Turns out he proved me wrong. Brian got it done by B.J. Shorter at Pinups & Punks Tattoo in Des Moines, Iowa. The words “Mors Principium Est” under the image means “Death is the Beginning”. Below is the piece as well as the original drawing.


3 Responses to “Now THIS is a tattoo”

  1. mann thats super sick but…tahts exactly the piece I wanted on my ribs. ARGH i hadn’t got enough money t get it done 😦 booo!

  2. Do you mind if people use your works for body art or use inspiration from your style for a tat?

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