Unused B.o.B album art

A little while back I received an email from the art director over at Atlantic Records. He had spotted some of my work and thought I would be a great match for the album art of this artist he was working with. After a lot of back and fourth e-mails we started to get a direction down. He wanted the album to be a three-fold piece with the main cover being the center image. We thought it would be great to incorporate B.o.B into the illustrations. They worked with a photographer and took a mess of photos of him in various positions and doing various activities. I picked a few of the photos I liked and got to work on it.

(Click on the images to view larger)

Here we have the illustration with rough divides to show how the album would break up. The original art measures 11″x33″. I drew it a little smaller than a 12″ record scale but scanned it at a higher dpi. I drew it smaller so that it would be easier to scan. I’m a thinker like that. HA!

And here is the artwork with the photos placed over it. I tried to incorporate the photos into the art in a really fun way and give it a lot of pop. Minus the title treatment, this is what the final album art would have looked like.

And… without getting into too many ugly details this below image is the album art that is going to be seeing print and is being released 4/27/10. The art director and all of the guys at Atlantic Records love what I created but there was an unfortunate turn of events at the last minute. I’m really bummed that this project fell through as the exposure on this would have been great and it was an overall pleasure working on this piece with the guys. This art will be joining the unused Jay Z album art. Sigh…


4 Responses to “Unused B.o.B album art”

  1. That’s a shame because it’s some awesome art you produced!

  2. This makes me really upset I was looking forward to the new age of hip hop that I thought was going to be combining lyrical art with fine illustration. artists such as kid cudi, lupe, jay-z and many more have all taken a step away from the cliché angry dude on an impala with a tiger and two hoes album cover. The cover that they went with just looks cheep and doesn’t represent bobby rays music in the least. In my opinion your art embodies everything that his lyrics and musical style is about. I really would like to know the ugly details because of now I am super confused as to why they did not choose your art.

  3. Sheila Says:

    I LOVE the art that you did for this project.

    The one that they actually went with? Just needs a banana yellow Corvette with flames painted on it and maybe a pegasus to be complete there…..

  4. The cover they went with looks like the kind of shit you’d find on a zippy mart countertop next to the register, your art was top notch as always.

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