Pic proof that I was in Orlando

I’d make a crappy mother because I don’t take enough photo’s. In any event I figured I’d share some pics of my time in Orlando. It’s 4-something in the morning and I figured I’d get some pics off of my camera while drinking wine and eating cheese (no joke… I’m actually out of beer and whiskey… it happens). So… let’s get at it…

They had us set up outside in the back parking lot of a framing store. We were working on two sheets of sheetrock which measured eight feet square. This is the progress of my piece…

Here are some of the other guys making art happen…

More art stuff…

While I was in Orlando they rented a Lotus for me to get around town in…

As you can see it was a tight fit…

This pic may seem kinda random but it’s proof of something in a few ways. It’s proof of the hotel I stayed at as well as being proof of the second floor roof I jumped off of into the pool some 8 times in the two nights I was there. There should be a video of it soon to follow. I’ll be sure to edit out the fact that I was naked 🙂

Here’s a shot of my finished mural with a couple originals hanging on it at the show.

And for the final picture we have a group shot of a bunch of the artists after the show. I always thought group shots like these lacked interest so I decided I’d improve on it by dropping my pants. Why not? Life is too short to live it with a stick up your ass. I might point out that the only lady in the mix is taking notice. Everyone else feared it.


3 Responses to “Pic proof that I was in Orlando”

  1. I’ll have those videos up as soon as I get the other angles from Raggatron…. and maybe doctor it up… haha.

  2. you my friend are beyond crazy, it was a blast though. BTW great work.

  3. Three comments:

    Love the art piece!

    I had no idea that a Keebler Elf could afford a car like that. Huh.

    I like how the two dudes on either side of you in the group shot look pretty serious. (Don’t make any sudden moves near Nate’s junk….!)

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