Jurassic Park #1 in stores now

The first issue of the Jurassic Park comic I am working on through IDW and Universal Studios came out today. It marks the first issue in a five issue run which is being written by long-time comic book editor, Bob Schreck. This title is marking his first venture in writing comics and he is doing a great job!

I felt a little rough around the edges in drawing this first issue but now that I am currently working on illustrating issue #4 I think I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable as you will eventually see.

Here we have the alternate cover to issue #1 by the legendary Frank Miller followed by some of my interior pages. Click on any image to enlarge…

4 Responses to “Jurassic Park #1 in stores now”

  1. Do you have page thumbnails, and prices? Looks cool!

  2. Looks great man!

  3. That looks awesome!

    You might even say….dino-tastic! (Yeah, I actually typed that, people.)

  4. I bought that first issue and really enjoyed it. I just thought you should know that I like the black and white images better than the color of the final product.
    Keep up the amazing work.

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