Visiting THREADLESS Headquarters

This post is well overdue but I guess it’s better late than never in the end.

A ways back I got an e-mail from a guy who had gotten one of my illustrations tattooed on his arm. It was the portrait of Abe Lincoln drawn off of one of his famous sittings. I love how the negative spaces were incorporated into the final tattoo. Sean (the guy who now showers with Abe Lincoln everyday) lives in Chicago and told me we should grab a beer sometime if I were ever over there. I e-mailed him back and told him that I happened to have been heading over to Chicago for unrelated business in a matter of days. Turns out he works as the house photographer at Threadless and after a handful of e-mails we quickly figured out that a video in their office was in order. Click on the YouTube video below to view it.

Here are some pics of the spot. Click on the images to view them larger.

Here we are prior to me kicking down front door…

Target in sight…

Once inside I thought I should spin around and show the front desk and the door I had to repair.

I snuck around for a bit and scoped the space out. The t-shirt stock reminds me of that final Indiana Jones shot. Cool kids will be wearing these shirts in no time…

Interview time. Here I am with my prop beers.

While they were subjected to looking at me I had to be subjected to looking at them.

It’s a wrap! The little guy on the left is Collin James Diederich. He shot the video, edited it and even provided beats. The little guy on the right is Sean Dorgan. He has an Abe tattoo and also Produced and Shot the damn thing. A big thanks to Ninna Lee for being an awesome assistant who also took a lot of these pics among a multitude of other things.

Towards the end of my visit at the Threadless office the Mayor of Chicago came by and he and I got some quality face time.

Final wardrobe change.


Shot and Edited by: Collin James Diederich
Produced and Shot by: Sean Dorgan
Assisting by: Ninna Lee
Music by: robotboot Get the track here:


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