9/18/10 Live painting, sketching, signing, print etc. SF! 1pm-?

Crap. I had no idea what to title this post so I decided to make it as ugly as I could. So, the short of it is this…

This Saturday I will be hanging with my buds at Zero Friends at their 2-month pop-up-shop in SF. It’s located right by Upper Playground. I’ll be there with my little buddy, Alex Pardee. We are going to collaborate on a painting in the store for all to see. I will also be signing people’s foreheads and doing sketches.

As if that wasn’t lame enough I am also going to be releasing a limited signed/numbered print of my piece, Hamburger Hill. I was at the shop yesterday to approve the piece (monocle and all) and it looks great. They will be limited to 50 and selling for $50 so I’m sure they will move pretty fast. So come by and say hey. The fun starts at 1pm and ends when I get cranky and leave.

The prints are 17″ x 22″ Printed with Archival Inks on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag.

248 FILLMORE ST (@Haight St)

If you can’t make it to the shindig or are in prison you can buy the signed/numbered “Hamburger Hill” print on-line right HERE!

This is a pre-signed shot but ya get the idea…

As an added bonus I figured I’d show a pic of Alex and I (another rare pic of me minus my beer prop) from our Sparks Tour a while back at the Spawn/Todd McFarlane headquarters in AZ.


One Response to “9/18/10 Live painting, sketching, signing, print etc. SF! 1pm-?”

  1. This blog entry made me laugh out loud. I strongly approve of it (with opera glasses on).

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