City of Heroes: Going Rogue CONCEPT ART

This post has been years in the making… literally. I gave about two years of my life to doing concept art for the City of Heroes: Going Rogue video game expansion pack. The game recently came out so I am now allowed to show some of the work I did for it. I poured through all of my files and tried to cherry pick some of the best pieces. I can’t even tell you how much work I did over those two years but here is a sample of my COH pu pu platter…


Here is an ad that is currently running in comic books. I designed that character, Maelstrom, which went on to become one of the major players in the game.

Here we have some of the explorative concept art that lead to the final design of Maelstrom as you see him now.

All the run-around I did with designs lead to the final turn-around version, below.

That turn-around lead to the 3D turnaround you see below which was later used for the comic book ad and other marketing tools. As you may notice I even designed the letter “M” into the armor on his back. Yay, me!

I was asked to do a wallpaper using the Maelstrom character fighting this rogue character from a group called The Resistance. I had a lot of fun doing this one because I got to use my mixed media coloring on it instead of all of the photoshop coloring I usually do.

Here we have The Resistance as I mentioned in the above piece. They are a punk/Mad Max kind of crew.

The Resistance live in an underground sewer system kind of world. Here are some sketches of their power supply which is some steam dealie they hijack.

Here we have a polished shot of it.

Everyone loves guns… and so do The Resistance.

Here we have a glimpse into the world in which The Resistance live.

Next we have your basic robots called Antimatter Clockwork. I’m not going to bother explaining them too much but I was basically asked to do a spin-off of the robots from the Will Smith movie, “I, Robot”. Here are some of the explorative sketches.

And here we have the final design.

They also wanted a beefed-up version. I sketched out some ideas and that lead to the ‘roided-out version two down.

Here is a 3D version of how he looks in the game, modeled by Jay D.

The Antimatter Clockwork are mindless workers and mindless workers need stuff to do so I designed some of their tools, weapons, etc.

The Antimatter Clockwork lived in this wooded area which they cleared out. I had to draw a dozen or more boring structures so I”ll just show a few of those.

The Antimatter Clockwork were ruled by these nasty warrior versions of themselves which I had a lot of fun designing.

Here’s a shot of the final design next to Jay’s in-game model.

Here’s a fun shot of one of the War Walkers fuckin’ shit up.

There was your basic big city section of the game which I didn’t have too much involvement in called, Praetoria. I did some character work here and there but it wasn’t my focus. Here we have some random police characters and some car sketches.

Here we have a couple random pieces. The first one is a defense gun turret from fuckifiremember.

Next we have a character design for the other main character opposite Maelstrom. Her name is Pandora and my coworker, Carolina,  took on the duties of doing the final design of her. She got to do the lady of the game and I got the dude. Worked out well. At least I got to draw a hot chick that day.

As with every game or movie there is always work that ends on the cutting room floor. There was a huge space station planned and a bunch of cool characters to go along with it which didn’t make the cut.

Here we have some early space station designs.

There was also a big cast of Steampunk characters which were sadly never used. I spent a lot more time on these guys than the space station so I was really disappointed when this cast of characters got cut.

And that will pretty much do it. That’s a sample of some of the work I had to hide under my pillow for so long. I didn’t even bother with the millions of storyboards and other pieces I did but I think you have a good idea. There is another batch of great character designs I did for one of their future releases so hopefully I’ll get to show that in the next couple of years before I hate it too much.

FINALLY… that will mark the end of this post. As you were.


13 Responses to “City of Heroes: Going Rogue CONCEPT ART”

  1. Excellent stuff as always; love the way you colour.

  2. you know i love it when you draw redheads…

  3. Wowee Nate!

    Glad we are on YOUR team…TGIF!

  4. Absolutely love all the great design work. It actually makes me want to log back in to CoH to see it! Too bad about the unused stuff but they are always coming out with new content so we can all hope it shows up eventually.

    Thanks for sharing it with us, Nate.

  5. Totally different stuff on this post Mr. N8, nice to see your stuff being used in a different production pipeline.

    Great execution on this ones dude. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow, this is one big ass blog entry. I’d reply in detail, but that would only add to this entry and then the whole thing would probably block out the sun due to its gigantic proportions.

    I love the way you drew the machinery, the tunnels, and the steampunk characters….

  7. Wow super fresh bro!! Very inspiring as always, this concept work is off its head, full of detail and style – nuff respect!

  8. Pandora looks really familiar. Beautiful work, as always.

  9. Oh, beautiful. This has hit the CoX main boards, btw, and we’re all just ooh and aah over your work, and gnash and curse what didn’t make it. Thank you!

  10. They cut that Steampunk stuff? Why oh why would they do such a thing? That is tragic. Is there any chance of it getting resurrected in a future issue?

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