No Love Connection

One of the things a lot of people may not realize about doing freelance artwork is that over time there are a lot of possible gigs that fall through. Be it early in the stages of production or well into a project there is often a lot of art that never gets to see the light of day. The latest prospective project of mine to crumble was doing artwork for a lesbian vampire porno (yes, you read that right). I was lined up to do cover art as well as still shots which would have introduced the scenes as well as some web treatment. There was a lot of back and forth e-mails between the star vampire and I, but sadly, this one just wasn’t meant to be. Below is one of the vampire drawings I did as well as the source of inspiration.



5 Responses to “No Love Connection”

  1. Hah, nice job man. This is every artist’s hidden dream!

  2. hmmm….Nate I think you should be honored that you were seriously considered ALTHOUGH I might bury that a little deeper in my portfolio…

    An Award Winning application of the rare trilogy of a smiley face, bacon, and starfish…from an unabashed landing strip fan.

    OK, how about a little reverie project… an Escher rose garden after he accidentally takes a hit of acid?

  3. The happy-starfish-with-bacon cracked me up. (I typed “crack”, y’all – GET IT?!)

  4. The Dude Abides Says:

    And what inspiration, she would make an incredible Vampirella , love the starfish also, would have loved to see the real inspiration but the imagination works. She is a real beauty and would make a perfect vampire, it’s a shame , she has the perfect features and you captured them so well.

  5. Vic Lawson Says:

    hahaha. you fucking rule.

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