I came across these files the other day and got a little misty-eyed. The reason for that is because I did these Transformer t-shirt graphics and they never got used… which makes no sense to me. I was asked to make transformers out of a double-decker bus from England and the San Francisco bus (MUNI). I did these graphics three years ago and I think they still hold up today. I have a buddy who is working on set on the current film (as well as having done the other two) and I know he would have probably been living in the shirts during filming. I even put his initials on the MUNI license plate. Both would have been huge sellers. Let me know what YOU think…

CORRECTION: I found out that these shirts DID get made but in a really small print run. They flew out the door in no time. I was told that there is a possibility that they may get reprinted. I’ll be sure to keep posted on this.


4 Responses to “Transformers”

  1. I’d wear ’em! Nice detail between plates.

  2. These look nice man! I like the flat colors with your crisp line work.

  3. i saw a friend of mine wearing a muni transformers shirt last night and I NEEEED one of these bad! Are you the seller or do you know where I can score one of these??? Thanks!

  4. hello! i’ve been looking for this shirt for a few months. Someone stole my fiance’s bag that had this shirt in it. It was brand spankin new and he was so sad he didn’t get to wear it~ I would love to get it for him as an anniversary gift. Is there somewhere I can go to get it? Thanks in advance!

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