Watership Down

I did this piece yesterday for a huge group exhibition in LA at Gallery 1988. It’s a show that Greg “Craola” Simkins is curating. The show is called INLE and it’s artwork that is inspired by the 1978 animated British film called Watership Down. The show doesn’t open until March 11th 2011 but I decided to bend the rules and just showcase the piece now (fuck it, right?).

The moment I decided to capture is when one of the rabbits in the film passes away. I think if you have ever had a family pet or pet of your own pass away you will understand this image. I chose to symbolize the moment death creeps into the body and wins the fight against life. I also included the segment of the film I pulled it from. If you don’t get any emotion from that clip then maybe death has already crept into you.

“Death of Hazel”


3 Responses to “Watership Down”

  1. Brilliant as usual N8.

  2. toward the LIGHT Hazel…toward the LIGHT!

  3. John Pace Says:

    hey I really enjoyed you’re mini cartoon man, the creativity that you had to go thru, besides that I’m also a cartoonist myself , I’m a creater of a cartoon called JTF: Jaytense Future, I was looking to start up a team of great drawers like you to be apart of my team. if interested look me up on facebook at Jaytense@yahoo.com okay man

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