Termite Bianca tribute piece

A little while back I was asked to do a Termite Bianca tribute piece for an art book collection. I wasn’t familiar with the character before beginning the tribute so I did a little research. From what I can gather, she’s kinda’ like a European Lora Croft. They were making a cartoon based on this character and I guess funding got cut or something (most of the info I seem to run across is either in French or Italian and I’m too lazy to put it into one of those translation sites). That being said I looked at previous drawings of her and decided to just draw something cool and get the costume/look right. So there you have it… I only speak English and I like to draw. The end.

Here is the final inked piece. Sexy woman straddling a giant severed robot arm (why not?).  I was going to color it but ended up deciding against it…

Here’s the sketch that preceded it…


4 Responses to “Termite Bianca tribute piece”

  1. The Dude440 Says:

    Very, very cool drawing N8, you better watch out or Three A will be coming after you and asking you to design a line of robot’s and war toy’s like Ashley Wood. I don’t know, the money he must rake in there could be worse things. Your art is much more realistic and the faces have way more character. It’s excellent!

  2. I like the black and white, AND I suppose the thong Could be red…

  3. I’m really impressed with your freehand ability, and like many others I’m sure, greatly enjoy seeing the sketches/process. Much respect.

  4. I love the black gloves, pants, and smoke. The thong showing is a cool touch and I love that oval near her right knee! Both the swoop of her hair and her rack look great, too.

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