My buddy, Steve F’s dog, Zoe, had to be put down recently and I’ve been e-mailing with him a bit about it. He sent along a couple pictures and one of those which he sent was of her sleeping. There is something about seeing dogs heads resting on pillows that I really like. It humanizes them but not to the absurd point that William Wegman takes it. I also thought that this pic had a really strong composition. The head is well centered on the pillow and it is surrounded by a sea of black. The photo had similar qualities to the painting: The Death of Marat. I figured this would make for a fun sketch… so I did it. Steve doesn’t know I did this until… now.

“Hi, Steve.”

Here’s to all of the fallen co-pilots…



3 Responses to “ZZZZZoe”

  1. N8,

    Words do not begin to describe how your tribute to my little girl has made me feel. My wife and I are in tears, and have been for a while. You are truly an amazing artist and a beautiful person. I wish you could have met her, I am sure you would have loved her as well.

    Thank you so much!
    Steve and Kat

  2. Second THAT.
    I didn’t have any wordz either & just wanted to see what was posted.

  3. What a wonderful tribute to Zoe and your friend. 🙂

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