The Great Hambone Treat Hunt

Hambone has passed away.

She slipped away a week ago tonight. The night before she was in the office near our bedroom and she started letting out these yelps which sounded like a sharp yelp when you accidentally step on a dog’s paw. We both sprung out of bed well into the AM and ran to Hambone without a word. We hung with her and gave her some calming medication and she continued to yelp throughout the night. The next day (Monday) we took her to her vet. The vet took some blood tests and whatnot and we found out that she had a fever and a possible infection of some sort. He gave us some pain killers and told us to watch Hambone for 24 hours. My girlfriend and I brought her home and the random yelps continued (this dog hasn’t even barked for a few years or so). Each yelp was like a random kick in the nuts. I decided to go out and get drunk at the bar because it hurt me too much. I came home 10 beers later (two pitchers plus two pints) and she was still yelping but beginning to relax. I started calling people whom make house calls for euthinizing pets but nobody was available. Hambone dozed off around 7 and passed just before midnight. Prior to her passing I had proceeded to the couch and knocked off. Debsue then came into the living room to awake me and tell me that Hambone left in her arms. We eventually got our shit together, wrapped her in her blanket and took her back to the 24 hour vet we had just been at so that we could drop her off for cremation.

Debsue has been the best mother a bitch could ask for.

Below we have a video taken with a camera taped around her neck. Towards her later years, Hambone wasn’t too interested in going for walks so we would sprinkle treats around the house in order to get her to move around. She loved her treats like a fat kid loves cake. 17 years ain’t a shabby run.

Here is what it is like to be a dog-tag and have a hungry lab/beagle head above you…

2005 drawing…

An old pic of her resting her head on my leg… hoping for some attention…

Beautiful Mother and daughter…

Sorry for the back to back co-pilot passing posts. I promise the next post will be happy-like.


8 Responses to “The Great Hambone Treat Hunt”

  1. You were her favorite person after myself. She adored you! She would follow you around the house, sit under your desk while you were drawing, get you to feed her more treats or to pet her by batting her eyes at you and sometimes she would only want you to pet her.

    Hambone and I can never repay you or give a gift back to you of what it was worth to have you take care of her this last year and a half. Without your love and help during the workday, she wouldn’t have been able to live her life. You were a fabulous friend to her until the very end, taking care of her when she needed it most, even if that meant getting pooed on trying to get her outside in time.

    I hope one day soon when you burp “Hambone” we will be happy instead of being lost in our own grief.

    I love you.

  2. So sorry for your loss, sounds like she was a lovely animal.

  3. Sorry for your loss. Looks like a WONDERFUL life, camera work too!

    My longtime cat Amanda passed after 21 healthy years, although definitely a lapcat the last 5. Very long life considering how she loved to hunt and chomp down mice when she got tired of playing them with just the tail sticking out of her smiling face.

    I can’t even imagine all the creative things N8 that YOU might do with our cremated product, that I named “cat in a can” with affection. Looked like a Campbell soup can without the label. I used to throw her into the car when I would go on vacation so she could get “out”, but one Spring I decided it WAS time to open the can out and get some of her back INTO the system, as well as to add some of the Amanda hairs that I would occasionally find.

    I am sure that she would make great INK if you need any base, and I think that would amuse her since she used to swat at my pens and pencils particularly to break the lead if I was ignoring her.

    Great pets and companions. Gone, and not forgotten.

  4. Oh, damnit. I’m sorry to hear about this.

    You were a wonderful friend to Hambone. She’s so lucky that she had both of you to take care of her and give her such a loving home. She’s even been immortalized in a great drawing, too. 🙂 What a cutie.

  5. Thank you, WordPress, for taking my mellow smiley face and changing it into a bright yellow “happy moron” one. Oy….

  6. So very sorry for your loss. You both are wonderful people and Hambone was a wonderful friend that will be sorely missed. It is never easy to move on after a loss like this. I wish you both the best.


  7. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and love. We don’t really know what to do with ourselves right now. It’s been such a huge loss. Having kind wishes sent our way does help, as does champagne and beer.

    I made a Facebook Fan Page for Hambone over the weekend. There are so many photos and videos of Nate with her, you might be surprised as to how a man who draws crazy, fucked up shit is a total animal lover (look for the ones from 2003 onward):

  8. Gina Preston Says:

    DS and N8, may God Bless you and ease your pain even just a bit while you grieve the loss of your beautiful baby and friend, Hambone.
    The pain must be great now, and in time I can only hope that you DO laugh again and maybe even love that greatly once again. You sure are cut out for this unconditional beautiful and rewarding pet-lovin!
    I’m sending you love and healing thoughts. Let the beer and champagne-tear-filled moments flow. HUGE hugs to you!

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