’68 comic book pin-up

A little while back I was contacted by Jay Fotos and asked if I’d be interested in doing a pin-up for a comic he was working on. I had recently finished working on Jurassic Park and was a bit burnt-out on comics. I had told a friend literally the day before Jay contacted me that if I were to do some comic work any time soon it would have to be something cool like zombies. Turns out that the comic is not only zombies but Vietnam as well. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. I enthusiastically agreed. I began sketching out ideas and shortly after the below image came to mind.

It also so happens that we are in the talks of me handling some more duties. There is a good chance I’ll be doing a comic one-shot of ’68 which is sure not to suck. Stay tuned for more on that in coming months.

Until then, learn more about ’68 on Facebook right HERE!

Illustration by me and colors by Jay Fotos (click images to enlarge)…



2 Responses to “’68 comic book pin-up”

  1. I really, really dig this one.

  2. blooms today

    ’68 comic book pin-up | N8VanDyke

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