Skull Doodle Friday

Nothing special. Just figured I’d post a skull I drew the other day. I drew it from these pics of a nasty old human skull that belong to some friends over in London. I’d been meaning to draw it for a while now and finally doodled it up. I still don’t think I did the skull justice. I may have to paint it next time around. This piece, along with many others, will be in my gallery show later this month in Orlando, Florida. More on that soon. Until then… skull doodle.


6 Responses to “Skull Doodle Friday”

  1. Brian Nickels Says:

    I like the skull, it’s very cool. Reminds me of Ralph Steadmans stuff, he was Hunter Thompson’s, one of my very favorite writers, illustrator. If Thompson was the Gonzo journalist, and no one since or before could turn a phrase or insult a person quite like him, then Ralph Steadman was the Gonzo Illustrator, I love his work and his originals are very expensive today. You have a lot of talent. Like I said, I like your other oodle better than I liked Ashley Woods real work that get’s turned into those toy’s. Your drawing is far better. It is sickening how some people just happen to be in the right place at the right time. But don’t let that ever stop you, you have something he doesn’t, real talent. People are getting bored with his toys, it’s the same old anymore. His art is boring, he’s a little troll obsessed with sex and degrading women with inanimate objects. The orientals are a very strange people, they love that crap.

  2. Your too damn critical of your own work man. This rules and so do you!!

  3. Nick Tellis Says:

    how is it that youdo the background and still keep the front clean? i assume that its photoshop or what not. but still amazing work even the doodles and sketches.

  4. n8vandyke Says:

    Hey Nick. That is all done by hand. There is no photoshop involved. The way I kept the skull clean of the background was by masking it of. It’s a standard airbrush artist technique.

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    Skull Doodle Friday | N8VanDyke

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