BLURB Storytelling Series: “Dutch”

As some of you probably know, a while back I made a 58 page book featuring my chimp character, Dutch. I made it with the print on demand company, Blurb. Well, late last year they asked my girlfriend (who works at Blurb and helped me make my book) if she thought I’d be interested in them doing a feature video on me and my book. After a meeting over drinks I agreed and we set up some dates. A couple guys came to my place and filmed me for two days. They caught me drawing as well as going through my regular routines of playing pool, walking around SF, etc. Turned into a pretty cool video. They did a truly great job editing it together and making me look a bit less stupid than I really am.

If you don’t have my book or wasn’t aware of it you can preview/purchase it right HERE!

Now for the video. Click on the still frame below to view it…

And, yes, it’s true. I live in a salmon-colored house…

And, AND… The late miss Hambone makes a cameo at the 1:09 mark.


3 Responses to “BLURB Storytelling Series: “Dutch””

  1. Well Done N8!

    & LOL, I started calling MY houses salmon after a friend noted it was my SECOND pink house 😉

  2. Nick Tellis Says:

    I’ve had your blurb book on my wish list for about a year now. With the new job i got i can get next week, big inspiration man.

  3. […] “Dutch” by Nate Van Dyke Link: N8te’s Blog […]

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