Burlesque art show in SF April 2nd

I while back I was asked to participate in a burlesque show at a new gallery which will be opening for the first time with this flagship show. The gallery is called Artifact Gallery and they put together a great group show which is set to coincide with the comic book convention in town this weekend, Wonder Con. I decided to put the two together in a way and do a Star Wars themed piece.

Show Flier…

My piece for the show…


8 Responses to “Burlesque art show in SF April 2nd”

  1. wow! Intense and funny. I like this humorous approach.

  2. I like it, took me a while to notice the enormous vagina in the middle!

  3. Brian Nickels Says:

    See, you are much better than that other hack we talked about. Your work uses humor, your art is better and it’s not just drawn to be crude like his is and to pander to a race of messed up dudes. I think it’s great, it ‘s perfect for the home of where the whole art form really took off and became mainstream and took it way beyond.

  4. Ha! This is great! I love the shadows.

  5. AdamJackson Says:

    Stoked to see this in person.

  6. […] looks even more badass in person!You can check out what Nate has to say about us and his piece on his blog – You can also come check out Nate working live at our opening on Saturday.  Please […]

  7. Great Piece! Can’t wait to see it in person.

  8. Guy Bertram Says:

    More Vaginas, less monkeys.
    Have a great week.

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