Red Bull: Ride + Style

I’ve spent the past few days locked up in a warehouse near the Giant’s ballpark here in SF working away with a crew of artists, bike riders, contractors, reps, suits and so on. There is a big event going down this Saturday in SF at Justin Herman Plaza. It’s kinda a tough one to explain but I’ll give it a go…

Red Bull decided to put together this event for fixed-gear bike riders. They thought it would be smart to build a track for these guys to carve up for our viewing pleasure. My role along with 3 other artists was to make all of these jumps and banks look less like plywood and look more like art. I’ll tell you what… these things are even bigger than I expected but well worth the challenge. It’s been getting loads of coverage (SF Bay Guardian, Juxtapoz, Oakley, D-Structure, etc.). I took a bunch of crap photos (I think my sniper breathing techniques are rusty) but I’ll try my best to visually explain it.

FIRSTLY… the front and back of the flier so I don’t have to type all of it out…

Here is a computer mock-up of one of the set-ups I was given. Simple and unassuming (right?)…

I decided to paint it to resemble a deck of cards. Kinda like King Kong playing a game of 52 pick up with San Francisco. First off… I had to design some cards which I would later blow up and wheat paste onto the boards. The size ratio I was working with was longer than that of a regular playing card so I had to stretch it a bit to fit the 4’x8′ pieces of plywood.

Ace of Spades (yes, I know this card doesn’t have a graphic, so deal with it)…




Here we have me playing with some of the wheat pastes. This pic was taken by Caitlin Donohue of the SFBG.

Here are some more pics of me working away on the deck of cards as well as another one. Pics by Juxtapoz’ Randy Dodson…

Followed by some of my crappy cell phone pics…

LAST BUT NOT LEAST… they made a teaser video of the whole thing in the works. WATCH THE VID!


5 Responses to “Red Bull: Ride + Style”

  1. Very cool. I would recognize your cardz anywhere.

    I am also excited to see them destroy what you create…

  2. radness, love the process pictures.

  3. Brian Nickels Says:

    Very cool N8, I love the Ace of Spades, I think it would make a great tattoo, although I did promise the wife only one more that was reserved for the Wolfman, long story. The artwork is excellent as usual and shows your style perfectly. I think it’s great that it will hopefully expose your excellent work to a whole new crowd. All of the cards ar fantastic!

  4. I love these cards! Gimme!

  5. the queen and the king = i like them a lot. nice works!

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