“a bit too dark”

That’s what I found out about this piece below. I was contacted by a friend from Brief Space about this exciting possibility. It was a contest of sorts put on by Collabo Arts. The concept was pretty straight forward. In their own words… ” Your task if you choose to accept it, to submit any type of colored illustration/painting using our company name, “Collabo Arts with a strong focus on technology and art and how the two converge.” They would then select four winners who would fly all expenses paid to France and do live painting and drawing for 5 days this summer. I found out about this opportunity right before the deadline and had little time to think up and execute a piece for it.

I came up with my bright idea where all of my ideas seem to manifest themselves… while showering. I think if I were to take 8 hour long showers every once in a while I’d have a lot more things figured out since that seems to be my creative “war room” of sorts. In any event, my idea was to take a human skull and show the brain. The right side of our brain is the creative side and the left side of our brain has the motor skills and all that other technical shit. That being the case I made the brain matter morph into their perspective roles with there being a positive charge between the two. Pretty cool, huh? Well, I banged out said piece with little time to spare and sent it off (9 minutes before the deadline).

I boned-up on my French a little bit and figured I had it in the bag. Unfortunately they see a skull and immediately think “dark” when it was actually a pretty intellectual illustration to a pretty vague assignment description. Oh well. I don’t look good in a french beret anyway.


One Response to ““a bit too dark””

  1. Brian Nickels Says:

    Well nate, it’s there loss. I think it’s a great piece. Too dark? This from the people who make films that want to make you commit suicide after seeing them, and those are the one’s with happy endings! Remeber, they also thought Jerry Lewis was a genius. It would have been a nice trip, it’s so easy to hop on a train and visit so many other beautiful places in Europe while your there. But I just think them calling anything to dark id freaking hilarious, my God, they invented Mimes!

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