’68 Jungle Jim one-shot

I mentioned a while back that I was lining up penciling/inking/cover duties for a Image comics one-shot. Well… the first glimpse of it is starting to emerge. It is written by Mark Kidwell with colors by Jay Fotos (with Nat Jones on the alt. cover campaign). I’ll be getting to work on the interiors shortly. We had to get the cover done first for promotional reasons. I don’t want to give away too much about the script but I’ll tell ya it’s gunna be a shit ton of fun to draw. Zombies and Vietnam… ’nuff said.

Now to show the goods. Here we have the final mock-up for cover “A”…

EVERYONE seems to love a look at the creative process… so why not keep that tradition alive? So… before I could really start in on the cover I had to design the star character, Jungle Jim. Here we have some early studies…

After toying around a little bit we decided to trade up his cloth mask for a gas mask. The cloth mask just kept looking like a face diaper of sorts.

I figured I was now comfortable enough to start in on the actual cover after feeling confident in his design. Here we have the REALLY rough pencil scribbles as I try and find a design I like. These aren’t intended to be shown but it is a part of the process so I gotta suck it up. I settled on him hiding by a tree with the zombies approaching him knee deep in the mucky waters of NAM.

Next came the full-sized ink cover rough.

Once I got the above sketch approved I started in on the final cover. I traced it onto a new piece of paper using nibs and sepia toned ink. I intended for this stage to be rough because it is going to help give me those nice brown undertones and work as a guide for the paint-over.

Add a bunch of paint and there you have it. The final cover.

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