Mural Friday

So, this is a glimpse as to how I spent my afternoon. My buddy, Nick, wanted a mural in his bedroom because the room was sad and didn’t have the “I live here” look. So, I biked over to his house with tools in hand and fixed it up. He and his lady lounged and watched it go down. We had Indian food, drank Smirnoff Ice, listened to The Doors, Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, etc… and I just painted away. The swirls in the bottom left hand side is where his head will be on his pillow. Not a bad way to spend a day…


3 Responses to “Mural Friday”

  1. I saw it MOVE!


  2. That sounds like a fun afternoon… art, drinks, great music and friends.. I envy your friends, they get to have your beautiful work on their wall. i couldn’t love your work more. You are incredibly talented.


  3. Great meeting you out in NY. Really diggin’ your piece!

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