SKETCH BOOK… coming soon…

Well, kinda. SO… I am getting ready to finish another sketchbook (don’t ask, I’ve lost count. I’m on 30-something plus some). In any event, I am about to close the cover on another black book sketch book. What is so cool about this you ask?! Well, I am going to open it up and show you guys the shit that nobody gets to see (not even the editors, art directors, cleaning ladies and so on). I get a lot of people who get really excited to see the Wiz behind the curtain so I thought that this would be a good idea to do so. I’m not just gunna show cool shit and all of that but the stuff that looks like a brain fart with a pen. The real shit. Also, with every page I toss up I will also break it down like this teaser…

This drawing is called “Foreigner”. The reason for that is because my buddy , Nick, and I had an art exercise going for a hot minute where one of us would suggest a word and both of us drew that word without any knowledge as to what the other guy was drawing and we had a week to do so… simple as that. A no-biggie fun thing to do. Only a few people have seen this drawing before today. With that being said this is what came to mind… Elian Gonzalez.



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