Outside Lands Music Festival

It’s been a long weekend. I was hired along with a handful of other artist friends to do live painting for JUXTAPOZ at this 3-day music festival. I ended up painting with my buddy, Sam Flores on a couple murals. We ended up working on Friday and Sunday (resting on Saturday).

We got there before it all opened on Friday so we could set up and get a feel for it before all the crowd got there. We were set up on the Polo Grounds in Golden Gate Park here in SF. It was your typical festival with big crowds, constant music, more port-o-potties than I’ve ever seen in my life, $9 beers and so on.

We had a wall set up near these huge windmills which made for a pretty cool entrance.


The walls we were painting on were laid out in a triangle shape with artists on each side and each wall measured 8’x24′


The day before I decided I’d do a drawing, take it to Kinko’s to blow it up, wheat paste it and then just paint over it. I knew it would be hot and crowded so I didn’t want to have to think too hard there and rather have fun. I ended up doing a drawing of an orangutan hunched over and drawing on the ground.


I pasted it up and made Sam sweat a bit because by posting up the drawing I had instant results and he got to play catch up. The idea I came up with was this orangutan is drawing a bunch of chicken scratch but what he sees in his head is beautiful (Sam handled what he saw in his head). Here we are getting it going.


I didn’t get as many progress shots as I’d like because it was so easy to get caught up working and talking to people. SF Gate did, however. They are the local newspaper website for the SF Chronicle and they got a progress shot of it when they were covering the festival.


Here it is pretty much wrapped up…


Now for the finishing touch…


We almost always had a decent crowd around us hanging out and watching the progress..


On Sunday Sam and I returned and collaborated on a whole new wall. I stuck with what worked and made another orangutan poster. I stuck with the orangutan because people seemed to dig it and… because I had plenty of orange paint left from Friday. I didn’t get any progress shots on this one. We’ll fast forward to the end result…


Sam did a girl with a dragon head dress behind it.


Here was our view of the main stage.



More. People.


One Response to “Outside Lands Music Festival”

  1. Friggin amazing colors on the apes!! WOW! really awesome N8


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