Another Sketchbook FINISHED part 1 of 2

I have no idea what number sketchbook I am on. I started losing count when it got into the 30’s. I mentioned a little while ago that I’d open up my sketchbook when I finished it and that time is now. As with the nature of sketchbooks a lot of the drawings in it are essentially brain farts. Ideas that may turn into something bigger down the line. Other times it is a way to occupy boredom. I tried to get a small variety to show and here they are in no particular order.

I always make a cover for my sketchbooks. This time I simply decided to hit the cover with a burst of spray paint and let it run. I chose grey because I knew a lot of drawings in it were going to be black and white and give the illusion of grey. I know… pretty deep, huh?


I find, a lot of times, that I draw in a more cartoony style in my sketchbook as opposed to my edgier work I normally do. I think it has a lot to do with the whole “not wanting to think to hard this is supposed to be fun”, approach.


I was drawing this one sunny day while the Blue Angels were tearing the sky apart and I was trying to figure out how to do a possible skull painting.


I like the concept of longing for something you will never have… like the care-freeness of flight. You can’t have it so you put a leash around it.


This is another with the same idea as above. I tore myself out of bed at 4 am or something like that to draw them. I kept focusing on this concept and I figured the only way to get it out was to put it on paper and let it marinate in the pages of my sketchbook for a possible revisit at some point down the line.


Every once in a while you have to get away from drawing what you think you know and go draw from nature. That’s exactly what I ended up doing in one of the parks here in SF. Just nice to break the routine and get outside of the world in my head.


Same concept. It’s nice to draw something like a sculpture like this and not worry about the base being perfectly square or anything but just… draw.


I love how grand these trees are and how they dwarf anyone or thing who dares come near them.


I just kinda felt like playing with markers since it had been so long. The dead bunny sketch at the top was a doodle for a piece I did for an art show in LA.


This was done while hanging out and doodling by myself while having lunch and drinks in Orlando, FLA. It’s nothing special but it was a great moment of personal peace that I find all too elusive.


I did this imaginary city scape at a hotel bar in Seattle, WA. I was there with a co-worker and we were visiting a fellow game company and meeting with their art department.


Hanging outside having a drink and sketching a Minotaur. Yeah… why not?


I believe I did this on January 1st. My love for design has gotten stronger over the years. This isn’t anything amazing, but simply fun. Again… I didn’t plan on people seeing much or any of this stuff.


Here we have a quick sketch for the piece I did for Collabo Arts. Sometimes when you get an idea you have to mash it out as quickly as you can so as not to lose it. This is one of those examples when I slammed it out and hardly even lifted the pen off of the paper.


Here we have some fun scenarios of Dutch in a work/office environment. I tried to give him some shit-luck situations. Even though they are simple sketches I like the somewhat sloppiness of them. Like the clock being more of a suggestion than all detailed and perfect.


The banana tie is the clincher.


A while back a friend and I decided to be sketch-buddies. He moved to Seattle and we thought it would be fun to have a sketch battle once a week and e-mail each other. We would take turns coming up with subject words and for this one he came up with “Deviant” and I decided to draw the black sheep of the Amish community who is ripped and uses “technology” like chainsaws. My favorite part is his right knee (left-viewer).


“Foreigner”. This was also part of the sketch battle. I never thought I’d draw that kid and I don’t think I will ever draw him again… but here he is in all of his cute illegal immigrant ways.


OK! LET ME EXPLAIN! This one was also part of the drawing battle. This was actually the very first one so I really wanted to gross my friend out right out of the gate. He came up with the word “hideous” and… this is what happened. I was drawing the sexy girl while at the bar but had to save the… rest… for the privacy of my studio. I didn’t need to gross out people at the bar but I did need to gross out my friend. Needless to say… I won that sketch battle hands down.


Here is a nice change of pace after the last one. Here’s my girlfriend in bed watching tv one night. This can act as the visual listerine for the last piece.


Next we have one of her asleep on the couch at her mother’s house in Arizona. Both of these life drawings were done straight to pen (no pencil sketching beforehand) as I often do in my sketchbooks. It’s a great way to really be more certain about the lines you choose to lay down on the paper.






5 Responses to “Another Sketchbook FINISHED part 1 of 2”

  1. Damn! Awesome again.

    Disgruntled apes, backwards Amish folk, chicks with dicks! This has everything in it.

    Thanks for posting N8.


  2. I love these sketchbooks and I love how you typed a description for each one, too! I feel like I could make a bunch of comments which would make for one ridiculously windbaggy comment here, so instead I’ll just say a couple of things.

    I love the Out box on Dutch’s desk with the burger….it made me laugh out loud…. And his “I Love Snowglobes” mug and the Post-it note on his head.

    The “Hideous” sketch… wasn’t enough to add male anatomy, but it looks like it’s made out of some kinda horrible, gummy taffy. And her proud expression: “Yeah, check out mah dick!” Freakin’ ay….*LMAO* Horrible!

  3. Simply perfect! Great inspiration as always. Like everything on that entry, but my favourites are the trees! They are so … lively. something you won’t expect from inks.
    Happy to watch that blog!


  4. Which brand of sketchbook do you use??…..

  5. N8 Van Dyke Says:

    I use Canson sketchbooks. All the way…

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