Another Sketchbook FINISHED part 2 of 2

APPARENTLY… this blog post is too epic for WordPress so I have to break it into two parts. It’s kind like the Ten Commandments being broken into two tablets. Yeah… like that.


Back to Dutch! Here we have just some wild, random Dutch doodles.


I can almost guarantee you that I will revisit this next one in the blue ink. I had gone to my usual watering hole that I sketch at and I forgot all of my pens and brushes so I had to borrow a bic pen from the bartender.


I did this one just last week (yes, at the same bar) and there was a woman sitting by herself, having a drink and watching TV. I didn’t feel like drawing another skull or whatever so I drew her. I ended up showing it to her after she got curious and she loved it.


Faces. Doodled in Seattle, WA. at that same hotel bar. I wanted to cover the whole page but lost interest.


This was done as packaging artwork for my Dutch Samurai toy. Still have yet to see them in person… fugger. Reminds me, I have to hunt that guy down… again. AH! The life of freelancing. Part artist, part collections dept.


More packaging art for said toy.


Here we have the back patio of the bar where a lot of this sketchbooking goes down.


A friend of mine commissioned me to draw him as the devil based off of this pic he had which he really liked. This sketch doesn’t look a whole lot like him but it was just to get the ball rolling.


I think I just started sketching a big nose and this is what resulted.


Simple. Stupid. Fun.


I do love when felt tip markers begin to die and you can fade with them.


I don’t sketch in pencil too often so this was fun just for the variety sake of it.


Here you can see my first idea sketch for the devil painting I did based off of a Hitler painting.


Here we have some quick thumbnails for a London fashion magazine gig that fell through.


I didn’t realize this at the time but later on thought that this sketch looks a lot like an artist’s interpretation of Yasmine Bleeth’s DUI pic.


This is the second to last page in my sketchbook. Sometimes simple says it best.

And there you have it. On to another sketchbook.


One Response to “Another Sketchbook FINISHED part 2 of 2”

  1. dope dope dope dope dope!!!!!! You NEVER cease to amaze me N8. Love the last sketch. Maybe you could revisit that one too as well as the blue ink. LOVE IT!!!

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