LA art show

I was invited to participate in a group art show in LA. The idea behind it was to draw inspiration from classic MTV music videos and I chose Metallica’s Enter Sandman because I don’t think it gets much more classic that that. Unfortunately, I will not be at the opening. Here is a link to all of the info…


3 Responses to “LA art show”

  1. wow! The lighting on this is amazing! I really like this piece. Great work.

  2. Hey Nate I have been a fan for a long time and have always wondered what opaque white ink or marker you use. I mainly use the good old Higgins black for my dip pens and brushs but would love a nice white like when you do lettering on the side of your pieces. Thanks for any tips from a master.


  3. I like! Love your string, visionary drawings – Enter the Sandman is deeply inspiring – helped me make this baby Didn’t dare use the music on the video bacause I feared the copyright issues – but am a big fan of Metallica.

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