Monster attacking Manhattan

I’ve been looking to get back into doing video game concept art. Sometimes when you apply for these positions they make you take an art test. The art test I had to do for this one place asked for quite a bit. They wanted 15 monster sketches, a few sketch shots of a monster attacking Manhattan, a final shot of a monster attacking Manhattan at night as well as a building turn-around. I ended up not getting the gig so I figured I might as well spill some of the art.

Here are some monster studies…


Next we have some thumbnails of monsters attacking…


Here we have a final shot of a monster attacking…


These are all done pretty quickly as you have a deadline of sorts in which to do them all so you don’t get a whole lot of time to noodle it and make it your master work. The nerves of “auditioning” and trying to make work that sums you up as an artist can be enough to throw your game a bit out of whack as it is. I tried to find a happy medium of getting the job done well and fast which is often the case when concepting. I would have liked to have spent more time on the final color image but was trying to treat it in a reasonable manner. There ya have it.




3 Responses to “Monster attacking Manhattan”

  1. I used to work as an artist in the games industry and i would have given you the job . Awsome art , they must have been blind

  2. What would you do Nate if they stole one of your concepts and had a in house artist rendor it slightly different. Seems like a slippery slope as far as the “industry” pooling some awesome talent for free. Just my 2 cents but a big thumbs up to you for the effort.

  3. Nice monster designs. I really like the second composition rough.

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