SKETCH BOOK… coming very soon

I’ve had a lot of people who have pleaded with me to do a sketchbook or something along those lines. Something you can hold and actually see all of the nitty gritty inking details I labor over rather than the jpeg life we have all grown accustom to. That being said I am happy to announce that I have put together a 40 page sketchbook in a magazine style. It’ll be roughly 8 1/2″ x  11″ and full color. I should be getting it back from the printers soon.

Here’s a little bit of what you will see inside…

* The first page is left open as each copy will have a detailed original ink sketch (not some quick sharpie shit but a REAL drawing).

* Wrap-around cover and a wrap-around inside cover.

* Slammed full of never before printed work with the exception of only two illustrations.

* SEVEN Side-by side examples of sketches displayed next to the final piece to show my process (or lack there of).

* A handful of DUTCH illustrations, acrylic paintings, studies, skulls and so on.

* A liger illustration (yeah, a fucking LIGER, people!).


I will only be distributing about 15 of these (numbered inside next to the original illustration). The only way that you are going to be able to get this is with the purchase of something from my upcoming art sale… or on ebay if someone is dumb enough to part with it. I will be selling work for around $200 and up and It’s a limit of one sketchbook per purchase. Details on the art sale will follow soon and will be strictly first come, first served.

A little look at the cover…


3 Responses to “SKETCH BOOK… coming very soon”

  1. Look forward to seeing some of your work Nate.

  2. Nate how do I send you money now to reserve a copy. God I want this bad if you’re going to do an original ink in each one.

    • N8 Van Dyke Says:

      There’s no reserving it, unfortunately. I should be putting the art sale out soon so I’m sure you will be able to snag one via a purchase then. Glad you are stoked on it, Joel!

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