I can’t wait to show off this piece. This is my illustration for a gallery show at Exhibit A Gallery in Los Angeles, Ca. The theme of this show is summed up in one simple word… METALLICA. It is a group show – with the likes of Shepard Fairey and Shawn Barber – in which every artist participating has selected one song from their catalog in which to illustrate. I chose Until It Sleeps off of the Load album.

Until It Sleeps
30″ x 40″
Ink on paper


9 Responses to “UNTIL IT SLEEPS”

  1. This is freakin’ fantastic. Love it! The more you look, the more you see!

  2. That’s nasty! Love the details

  3. Omg N8 F’ing awesome man. I was waiting for you to unveil this one as you talked about it months ago. Also do you have a website that we can see all the other artist shows for this exhibit.

  4. That piece looks fucking sick. Dore and Wrightson would be proud.

  5. Leah Perea Says:

    NICE Bro!!!

  6. Awesome piece Nate. This is my new wallpaper.

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