Some recent random sketches

Sometimes it’s fun to put together a post that reads like garage sale items on top of a folding table. A smorgasboard of random discarded shit thrown together and begging for your attention. Yeah, kinda like that but with art. This post has more animals than usual. Guess I’m getting soft…

I haven’t found as much time as I’d like lately to play with color and mixed media illustrations so I decided to sketch out a loggerhead sea turtle and throw as much color as I could at it.


Sometimes you just need to draw Wicket because that is what your head told you to draw when you woke up one morning.


Gizmo says “Hi”…


Most people would probably think chimps to be my favorite animal but it’s actually the polar bear. I did this sketch to commemorate their big day. I’m not kidding, they have a day… I didn’t make it up, I’m not that creative.


There’s nothing I can say about this piece that will make it any cooler than it already is…


Somebody saw my Gizmo sketch and commissioned me to do a drawing of Gizmo and Dutch drinking in a bar and this is what I came up with. I give you… “GIZMOTORBOAT”















4 Responses to “Some recent random sketches”

  1. I love the lighting and red splatter on the loggerhead! Great work as always N8!

    • n8vandyke Says:

      Ha! Thanks a lot, Steve. I remember doing the red splatter towards the end of the night/beer supply. I had a conversation with myself right after the red splatter and it went something like this… “Walk away before you ruin the fucking piece.”

  2. These are great! I laughed out loud at the hammerhead shark.

    And goddamnit…. Gizmo motorboating the bartender is so cute that I can hardly stand it. I love Dutch’s pose and facial expression!

  3. great stuff! i love the color in the Turtle piece. and how can you not love Gizmo and Wicket?! cheers!

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