I was recently invited to take part in a group art show in L.A. @ Known Gallery. The theme of the show is Sesame Street and part of the sales from the show will go to benefit City of Hope’s Department of Pediatrics. Aside from it being a very brief exhibit (April 28-29) there were a lot of guidelines to the artwork. That means no violence, sex, politics etc. It can be hard for me to hold back at times but this seemed like a worthwhile time to do it.

I knew I wanted to do a Cookie Monster piece so I started chopping away at ideas…

I started jotting down some ideas on some scrap paper while having a drink in the Upper Haight area of SF.

Late one night while hanging out I decided upon drawing Cookie Monster breaking a giant cookie over his head in a somewhat grand way. I never intended anyone to see this “drawing”, but here it is…

After the above mess, I composed myself and knocked out the below sketch with a sumi brush around 3am. I got up in the morning and first thing I did was to check the sketch and make sure it wasn’t a complete disaster. At that point I knew that this was the direction to take it.

I took that rough sketch and did a refined ink drawing on 11″x14″ Bristol board.

From there I had my foundation for my painting which is mixed with too many mediums to count. I even used some of my grandmother’s pastels. This final painting is 11″x14″ and is titled “Cookie Crumble Rainbow”.

Lastly, we have the show flier. I will not be at this opening but I’m sure it’ll be a fun trip down memory lane.


10 Responses to “COOKIE MONSTER!”

  1. Heh, …now I have to eat a cookie.

  2. This turned out great, very creative

  3. Excellent work. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  4. are there any prints for sale of this piece? love it

  5. EPIC as always!!!

  6. I totally imagined your drawing the Cookie Monster on top of a huge pile of cookies, waving a chainsaw around….. This is a great piece and I love the colors in it! Especially the bright area just above his googly eyes.

    • n8vandyke Says:

      Thanks, Sheila. I may have to go back and exorcise my childhood demons and do that CM chainsaw piece.
      .. HA!

  7. awesome man you can make any artwork look epic when you touch a pen

  8. The final ink is dope! No color needed haha

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