New Poster For Sale: Blink-182 Bournemouth poster release

I’m releasing the artist variant of the Blink-182 concert that happened in Bournemouth, UK over the weekend. This is the artist’s variant which means concert goers had the opportunity to purchase the limited orange chainsaw colorway at the show and I’ve got the pink chainsaw colorway and the only way to get it is here. I’ve decided to limit it to 25. Each poster is 18’x24″, signed and numbered and also comes with an original ink turtle sketch. I will be selling these for $125 plus $10 shipping in the USA. Shipping  outside of the United States is $20. All sales will be handled through Paypal and all posters will be shipped in poster tubes.

Please contact me to secure your purchase.

Don’t miss the other Blink 182 poster I also did. It’s a limited release of 50, for $70.

I now give you a little piece I’d like to call… Turtle Chainsaw Massacre…


13 Responses to “New Poster For Sale: Blink-182 Bournemouth poster release”

  1. Brian Nickels Says:

    Very cool N8, about time you got some overdue attention. Very original idea and work. It’s very cool, will you have posters to sell like Emek and all the others do?

  2. n8vandyke Says:

    Thanks, Brian, I appreciate it. I’m kinda new to the whole show poster thing. These are for sale and are already moving out the door. I’ll have another Blink poster coming out later this week.

    • Brian Nickels Says:

      Thanks N8, I would love to purhase a print of any future posters that you do. Congrat’s again, you’re talent is as equal to anyone else in the concert poster business. I have prints by several different artists from EMEk, Frank Kozic and others. I hope to be able to add your work to my collecton. I wish you ongoing recognition and hope once this poster is seen the work will roll in for you.

  3. What a fucking rip off wow

    I would’ve loved to have bought this, I was at that show.. Greedy…

    • n8vandyke Says:

      ACTUALLY, it isn’t a rip-off, john. The reason these prices are higher is because I sit down and draw original artwork on top of a very limited poster which is NOT something you would have gotten by going to the show. Not only that but I just sold the original which I could have sold multiple times. Clearly, your mother doesn’t charge you rent so you have zero concept of value and the fact that this is a great deal… much like your mom doing your laundry. You can buy one later on E-Bay with your Christmas money.

  4. Michael Stevenson Says:

    This is great art and art costs money. I’d sure appreciate an original piece of art more than a couple of hundred dollars.

    • n8vandyke Says:

      Thanks for understanding, Michael. I appreciate it. Not a problem, Sam. It’s not a response coming from an “artist” but rather coming from someone simply standing up for themselves when they feel attacked. I didn’t even swear in my response to John but I guess he didn’t mind letting it fly. I simply return punches, I don’t throw them.

  5. Anthony Says:

    Some artists charge much more for an original sketch in top of a limited print. N8’s work is highly detailed. I can’t wait to see more from this artist. Keep up the quality work!!

    • n8vandyke Says:

      Thanks a lot, Anthony, I really appreciate it. Also, what a lot of people probably don’t realize is that I didn’t even get paid to do the artwork. Artists get “paid” with the artist variant print and it is then in the artist’s hands to flip ’em and get paid. I’m not getting rich off of these posters by any stretch. Just trying to make a living like the rest of the crowd

  6. Yes, I totally understand. I am glad you brought that to light. I hope doing the gig posters opens many doors for you. Keep up the quality. much respect.

  7. Nate, even though right now due to a back injury I cannot afford this piece I just wanted to let you know I think it’s awesome.

    If I were an artist and was asked to do a piece of art by my favorite band which is Blink, I couldn’t even begin to explain how much that would mean to me.

    I also think you had every right to stand up for yourself from any criticism from jerks who most likely were going to buy your work and instantly put it on Ebay. I ******* hate those assholes and I would curb stomp every single one of them if I could.

    Also, I had no idea that it is the artist variant on how you guy’s get paid. I always thought you may get some sort of cut from the other one but I guess not. I’m trying to start a non-profit group based around music and youth and I think stuff like that for me is very important just like how much bands actually get paid by there label per unit sales. It’s bullshit.

    • n8vandyke Says:

      Thanks a lot, William, I really appreciate it. Thanks for standing up for me. Most people have no clue that the poster artists get paid in a bartering kind of way. It’s good in that an artist could potentially make more by selling posters than he might have gotten paid but that’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s chalked up to a loss. I also agree with you about the guys on Ebay. I won’t lie… I’ve checked it a couple times to make sure I haven’t popped up on there. HA! It’s all bullshit at the end of the day. Nobody is getting rich here. Cheers!

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