New Poster For Sale $70 – Limited Release of 50

This is my personal variant, with blue writing on the wall. There are 50 posters available and the only way to get it is here! (Blink 182 concert goers had the opportunity to purchase the limited red writing variant at the show in Liverpool, UK on July 12th.)

Signed and numbered
Carefully shipped in sturdy poster tubes
$70 each, plus $10 shipping in the USA, $20 shipping outside of the USA
All sales will be handled through Paypal

How to purchase
Go to:
Enter in my email address:
Make sure to add in the correct shipping fee to your total: Total cost within US: $80, outside of US: $95
Want to purchase the original art?
I’ve also decided to sell the original artwork for the poster. It’s ink on illustration paper and measures roughly 13.5″x17.5″. The lettering on the wall was done on a separate piece of paper. I’ll be selling this along with the above 1/50 (signed/numbered) poster for $650 plus shipping which will be determined. This one will be mailed flat. Please contact me to secure the original at
Don’t miss the other Blink 182 poster I also did. It’s a limited release of 25, with an original ink turtle sketch, for $125.
Here’s a look at the original artwork…

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