ImagineFX Magazine Sketchbook Feature

So this one is actually a really big honor. A ways back ImagineFX contacted me and asked if I would be interested in being featured in the sketchbook section of the magazine. For those who aren’t familiar with this magazine it is the Rolling Stone of it’s field. The magazine is European based and packed full of art, tutorials, interviews and so on of the leading artists in the fantasy and sci-fi digital art field. Somehow, my pens and pencils made it past the high tech check point. SWEET! In any event, here’s a look at my four page spread. Click on the pages to view them larger.

ImagineFX August 2012






7 Responses to “ImagineFX Magazine Sketchbook Feature”

  1. I’m subscribing/big fan of ImagineFX and was glad to see your work there. Nice!

    • n8vandyke Says:

      Thanks, Heidi, I really appreciate it. I never thought I’d get in there so it’s nice to be able to cross it off my list. I was checking out your work, really clean stuff. Great to see how you break down your pieces and show the steps. I always love seeing how other artists work. Cheers from San Francisco!

  2. Awesome! And “sketches” my ass….those look like finished works! You are so damn talented, Nate.

    • n8vandyke Says:

      HA! Thanks, Sheila. They are all done in my sketchbook… except the Jungle Jim study which was done on a stiffer paper. I do have a hard time doing simple sketches… I seem to always take ‘em further.

  3. Brilliant work nate those double pages have made look in awe no artist has never done this since jack kirby good work man keep it up and thanks for looking at my artwork and giving me tips i have taken what you said into account ad for that i got a certificate of distinction
    cheers 😀

  4. Congrats N8! It always fun to see your stuff in print, I’ll be sure to grab this issue next time I’m at B&N.

  5. Anthony Says:

    Wow. Amazing! Gonna pick it up

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