Digitally download my art book, Plan A

This just came out yesterday. You can now get a digital download of my 96 page art book for cheaper than the price of a beer (plus you don’t have to tip!). It’s a great collection of some of my older works which help shaped the artwork I make today. There are paintings, comic pages, magazine covers, process shots, Dutch, an in-depth sketchbook section and so on. To find out more go HERE!

Here’s a look at the cover as well as the intro by my main man, Victor Dastardly Llamas III…



2 Responses to “Digitally download my art book, Plan A”

  1. I bought this a long time ago. It has a permanent place on my light-table so I can grab it for quick reference. N8 is the best in the biz with a pen hands down!

    • n8vandyke Says:

      Thanks a lot, Steve, I really appreciate it. Good to know it’s no more than a quick grab away when times call for it. Great to hear that this collection is well loved and continues to inspire. Cheers!

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