I just realized that it’s been a long while since I’ve posted some random doodles that might otherwise fall between the cracks and be forgotten. Without further ado I bring you a batch of misfit drawings for your consumption… (Click on images to enlarge)

I’ve done a few of these. Just playing around with symmetry with the aide of Photoshop.

gorilla_color tribal_tiger_head wide-eyed

“When Sidewalk Stains Attack.”


I came across some torn out pages from a novel scattered all over  the street and I told myself I’d pick one up and draw whatever the content at the top of the page happened to be. Imagine my luck… this one was meant to be.


In keeping with the street theme I found this discarded sheet of uncut Stravinsky stamps and decided to draw his portrait over them.


I’ve always wanted to do a Hendrix piece. The wait is now over.


This was my prediction as to what the Giants were going to do to the Tigers. Turns out I can draw AND make accurate predictions.


Here’s a commission I did for a guy who traveled 443.1 miles to the Pearl Jam concert Munk One and I did a poster for last year.


This was a recent commission where I was asked to draw my interpretation of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Naturally, I drew a demon on a horned motorcycle in front of an erupting volcano.


And I’ll wrap it up with a turtle commission followed by a bunch of sketchbook scribbles. Enjoy!


B_Hunter hortoise croc_kid_sketch ruffle_'em many_faces skullder_pads Koala_n_Rex_go_for_a_ride with_sword Red-Tailed_Jail a_dish_of_a_fish outta_the_house


8 Responses to “RANDOM DOODLES TIME!”

  1. good stuff! First one is my favourite…

    • n8vandyke Says:

      Thanks! That first one turned out even better than I had hoped. Did that one as fun piece before going to bed.

  2. sabaticl Says:

    Thanks N8, I would have made my usual MORE nudity please,

    buTT I see some, some so thanks! MORE please…

    • n8vandyke Says:

      HA! I’ll see what I can do to increase that! I’m in a show later this year and the theme is “strong women” so I imagine there will be more skin in the near future.

  3. These are too cool! I could type a lot of comments, but will spare you! I especially like the sidewalk stain and novel one… Too amazing that that was the page you selected! I love that you named that one bird “Carl”….cracked me up….

    • n8vandyke Says:

      Always love your comments and observations, Sheila. I forgot to mention but you were the pack leader in my blog commenters for 2012. Gold star for you! Yeah… name selection is tricky business. Carl seemed like the perfect choice 🙂

  4. Seriously? *LOL*! I’m a blog comment fiend!

  5. Marcus Billings Says:

    Your work on the ATL 12 poster with Munk One remains one of the best and most detailed PJ posters Ive ever seen. I recently started a Pearl Jam live bootleg review blog where I critique the band’s official live recordings. On this blog I would like to place your various PJ poster art for that particular show I am reviewing (which you did the art for). With each review, your name will be credited to the given poster art. I wanted to seek permission from you to respect your wishes on where you want your art to be seen. These reviews and possible use of your art are not tied in any way to make profit for myself, just informative and to let your art be seen.
    Thank you

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