I’ll be doing that live painting stuff for the third year at Outside Lands Music Festival here in SF while I secretly freak out inside. I’ve painted over the course of two days in the past but will only be painting on Friday the 9th this year. If you are going to it already come by and say hey (make mine a Heineken:). All of the info is right here…


P.S. I’m kinda opening for Paul McCartney. So… yeah… I’m the 5th Beatle. Sorry, Yoko…






3 Responses to “LIVE PAINTING!”

  1. Unfortunately I won’t be there ’til Saturday, but I’m super pumped to see NIN. Hopefully I can see you work your magic next year, it’ll give me a good excuse to go back.

    • Well, you’ll still be able to see what I painted the day prior as they will be on display. I’m curious about seeing NIN as well. I have a tree day pass and may have to check them out.

      • I’ll definitely look into that. It’s been years since my lady and I have been in the city and luckily I have the weekend off work, so we’re looking forward to it. I’m actually excited for the three hours of driving. Have a good time, and I’ll keep an eye out for your work!

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